1.1.    These general terms and conditions define and regulate the legal relations related to the services provided by the ACBA Federation and its partners through the Koriz mobile application (hereinafter also the "Application" or "Koriz") created by the "ACBA FEDERATION" CJSC (hereinafter also the "ACBA Federation" or "We" or "Company"). The Company provides services only in the territory of the RA in person or through its partners.

1.2.   By downloading the Application, registering, using any service of the Application or downloading any content fully or partially, You as a user (hereinafter also the "User" or "You" or "Client") confirm that You have read and understood the given Terms of use and the conditions of service (hereinafter also the "Conditions") provided by the Company and its cooperating entities published in the Application and accept them unconditionally.

1.3.   The Company reserves the right to change these Terms unilaterally at any time without prior notice. In case the Terms change, the Company will publish the updated Terms in the Application and on its website (, indicating the date of the last change. The User must visit the website and check the Terms of Use from time to time. The new Terms will have legal effect and will apply to legal relations arising after their publication.

1.4.   If You do not agree with these Terms, please stop using the Application. Downloading the Application and not deleting it, registering in the Application, using the Services will be deemed your unconditional acceptance of these Terms.



2.1.   By agreeing to the Terms, You confirm that You are fully competent and have the right to use the Services.

2.2.  If You are not fully competent or are unable to use the Services on your own, You must obtain the prior consent of your authorized representatives or your legal representatives will act on your behalf.

2.3.  If You are a representative of the legal entity, You confirm that You have all legal authority granted from the legal entity to use the Services.

2.4.  By agreeing to these Terms, You agree that we are not able to verify the information and data you have provided or the authenticity of the credentials You have provided in this clause, thus, any registered User will be deemed to be fully capable and competent.

2.5.  In case of any violation of this Chapter, You bear the full responsibility.








3.1.   Koriz mobile Application allows the Users to order produce and goods from people operating in rural communities of the RA directly from the villager. Through the Application the User becomes familiar with the variety of produce and goods, brief description, as well as with the manufacturers or farmers.

3.2.  The Application allows the User the following:

       evaluate the quality of delivered produce and goods,

       cancel the Order within the set days,

       send a message by feedback contact,

       submit suggestions for the produce and goods missing from the Application that he/she would like to buy,

       see the most frequently purchased produce and goods during the day, their special offers,

       see the number of sold and available produce and goods and the number of buyers for each produce and goods.


3.3.  The Application is available for free download. The User is registered by entering his/her first and last name, phone number. Registration is confirmed by generating a digital code received via SMS.

3.4.  All information about suppliers and produce offered by them are entered in the Application by the ACBA Federation. The suppliers can only increase/decrease the quantity of produce and goods they offer through a separate software availability.



4.1.  The orders are delivered by a specialized delivery company. The delivery frequency may vary depending on business goals. The Client can see the day of delivery before confirming the Order, and in case of electronic payment - before making the payment.

4.2. The Client can cancel the ordered products by 2 pm of the day before the delivery date.

4.3.  If the Client makes an electronic payment for products, the refund will be made upon cancellation of the Order in accordance with the current procedures of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK CJSC.

4.4. The delivery is made to the address entered by the Client in the Application, on the dates specified in the Application, at the time agreed with the Client.



5.1. The Client can pay for the Order in cash and electronically.

5.2.  The electronic payment is made through the ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK CJSC online Pos terminal.

5.3.   In case of cash payment, the Client pays the amount in cash at the moment of receiving the order.




6.1.                    In case of not fulfilling or partial fulfillment of the service obligations, the Clients have the right to submit complaints and claims to the Company or its partner organizations, including claims for compensation for the damage caused in case of Order loss.

6.2.  Complaints and claims can be submitted in writing, by phone or by email. When submitting a written claim (complaint), the Company has the right to request the Client (legal representative) to submit an identity document and other documents required for consideration of the complaint.

6.3.  In any case, the Client has no right to use offensive, defamatory, degrading words and phrases, regardless of the communication type (written request, phone call, social networks, Internet, etc.) and the reasons (dissatisfaction, loss of Order, damage, etc.). In case of violation of the mentioned condition, the Company reserves the right to block the Client's profile without any warning, as well as to stop providing him further services. Moreover, the blocking does not release the parties from the fulfillment of their obligations to each other.

6.4.  The Client makes a written complaint regarding non-delivery of the Օrder, damage or loss, or incomplete delivery of the Order to the Company within 30 calendar days starting from the date of Order delivery or the expiration of the delivery deadline. Moreover, if there are two bases for calculating the term, the later expiration date is considered as a deadline.

6.5.  A written claim (complaint) must state:

       data of the applicant's (legal representative's) identity document,

       the essence of the claim (complaint),

       in case of damage, the information on the amount of damage caused, and the detailed, substantiated calculation.

6.6.  The Company considers the written claims (complaints) and responds in writing within 10 business days of receipt.

6.7.  The Clients may apply for measures envisaged by the legislation on the protection of rights if they do not agree with the written claim (complaint).

6.8.  In case of compensation for the damage caused, the payment is made by the Company according to the Terms and Conditions stipulated for the Parties.

6.9.  The Company is responsible for the loss, damage, shortage and other defects of the product due to the fault of the Company or its partners. In any case, the Company's liability is limited to the amount you paid.

6.10. When receiving the order, the Client is obliged to check its completeness and quality. The Company is not responsible for any defects that occurred or were identified after receiving the Order, which were not specified by the Client while receiving the Order.



7.1.   The Company Website and Application may contain links or hyperlinks to other websites and Applications (hereinafter also the "Other websites"), articles, photos, pictures, goods, graphic pictures; audio and video material, information, programs, etc. posted or belonging to third parties (hereinafter also the Third parties' material). The Company does not represent these Third parties, has not personally verified the completeness, truthfulness, or reliability of the material posted by them, and is not responsible for the Third Parties material and Other Websites.

7.2.  The Company is not responsible for the provided services, products and activities offered by third parties through our Application.

7.3.  The Company is not responsible for the quality, good condition, completeness of the product purchased through or with the help of third-party websites outside of the Application, as well as for those products meeting your expectations. You are fully responsible for receiving such Orders, negotiating with third parties, returning the Order, and any other action regarding the Order.




8.1.   You can visit the Company's website without registration, but to use the full service of the Application, You need to download it and register.

8.2.  Personal information is collected (received) only when you provide it. When registering, You must provide the following information:

       Your name, surname, address, email address and contact details.

8.3.  At the time of your registration, we receive the information You provided, such as your email address, password, etc. The Company may also acquire additional information about You through other Clients' complaints, our service center or other sources of information.

8.4.  The Company takes appropriate digital, physical and other security measures to keep your personal data secure from unauthorized access, modification or publication/disclosure. All data you provide is processed in accordance with procedures stipulated in the Law and stored in a secure server database. We protect any page of the Company that contains the personal information You provide through passwords. The Company will never ask you to mention your password in a phone call or email.

8.5.  We will not share your personal data with third parties without your consent, except in cases provided by Law (inquiries made from law enforcement agencies and state authorities within their jurisdiction, judicial inquiries etc.). We may only make your data available to people connected with you in cases where this data is needed to provide the services to You and to improve their quality.

8.6.  We cooperate with other companies and/or individuals to provide your services in a proper manner, such as the orders acceptance and delivery, database analysis, marketing services support, card payment processing and clearing, customer service, Application maintenance.The above-mentioned entities receive access to data they need to complete services/actions mentioned by them and do not have the right to use the data for other means.

8.7.  The information You provide can be used for the following purposes:

       To meet your requests for services, products and warnings,

       To offer services and products that interest You,

       To support You in Application usage,

       To modify our Services according to your preferences,

       To analyze the use of Application, to improve the Application and Services,

       To prevent and protect the misuse of Application,

       In other cases provided by Law.




9.1.  You have the right to terminate the Contract with the Company at any time fulfilling all your payment obligations to the Company before the termination. If You have an overdue obligation, the Contract cannot be considered terminated.

9.2. To terminate the Contract and close his/her profile in the Application the User simply needs to delete/uninstall the Application.

9.3.  The Company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract (by blocking or removing the User's profile) if the Client disseminates inaccurate, offensive, defamatory and discrediting information about the Company and services provided by it, by its actions, it tries to form a negative opinion about the Company for other entities, or in other cases where the Company will find that the Client's actions harm or may harm to the Company's business reputation.