Within the framework of ACBA Federation/Impact Hub Yerevan Scholarship program and with the financial support of ACBA Federation, Ucar Startup project has got the opportunity to become a member of the unique eco-system of Impact Hub for a period of one year, as well as get business consulting from mentors of various fields, including the specialists of ACBA FEDERATION, depending on certain needs in the course of the development of the startup.

On the activities of Ucar startup project

It is possible to transport anything within the country but finding a suitable car and ordering shipping is quite time-consuming and costly. After finding a suitable truck we cannot get information about the driver's driving experience and work or about how many times he has had an accident. Quite often, when transporting fragile and delicate goods, we need experienced drivers to carry them properly. The problem gets more complicated when there is need for shipping agricultural goods. In this case it is necessary to find trucks with refrigeration systems and clean and sanitary conditions. Hence, Ucar Company was founded to solve such problems. UCAR mobile application enables to solve the following problems:

  • find a suitable car in a short period of time,
  • have the opportunity to see the distance of delivery and the amount to be paid beforehand,
  • follow the truck online (online tracking option) and get a notification about the completion of order,
  • find appropriate workforce,  
  • get the necessary information about the driver and receive the driver's rating.
  • use the ''sharing option'' service which enables to move the luggage up to 50% cheaper.

Ucar is an online platform where the consumer and the truck driver meet each other and come to an agreement upon shipping or delivery. After getting an order on the platform, Ucar program automatically finds a truck suitable for the luggage and sends a notification to the customer. On the one hand, logistics and solutions essentially reduce shippin costs, on the other hand the system allows truck drivers to earn extra money. One of the most essential and important functions of the Ucar product is the organization of proper shipping of agricultural  products which includes trucks with refrigeration system and with medium and large load capacity. When ordering a truck for agricultural goods farms and individuals are sure that the car will be clean, will be equipped with boxes and refrigerators suitable for the goods. One of the main goals of our company is safe transportation for agricultural goods from  producers to market. Now the company is developing and will soon implement a system of delivery of agricultural goods which will enable retailers to order goods online and get them at the address mentioned in the program.