Through the ACBA Federation/Impact Hub Yerevan Scholarship Program, the startup SPITAK MANUSHAK was granted funding by the ACBA Federation and gained the valuable opportunity to join the exclusive Impact Hub ecosystem for one year. As a member, the startup can benefit
from guidance and support from mentors in diverse fields, including specialists from the ACBA Federation, tailored to meet the specific needs of their startup's development.

The startup's primary objective is to empower women economically in the Lori region by producing and selling natural vegetable oils. Located in the city of Spitak, Lori marz, Spitak Manushak SE commenced its production operations in 2019. They have obtained extractions
from 12 different plants, including nettle, primrose, linden, chamomile, rose, peach, basil, thyme, lilac, dandelion, and origanum.

Currently, the company is in the process of registering as an SE and will subsequently undergo laboratory examinations. Once registered and certified, "SPITAK MANUSHAK" will not only represent its products at festivals, exhibitions, and sales events but also make them available in
pharmacies. This will establish the brand as the pride and representative of Spitak city. The startup is actively working to target pharmacies and other potential buyers to expand their sales network.