As part of the ACBA Federation-Impact Hub Yerevan Scholarship Program, the MiCofe startup, supported by the ACBA Federation, gained the privilege of joining the exclusive Impact Hub ecosystem within a year. This membership also provides access to mentorship from experts
across different domains, including specialists from the ACBA Federation, tailored to address the specific requirements of the startup's growth and progress.

MiCoFe is an eco-conscious and biodegradable organic fertilizer that utilizes the innovative approach of repurposing discarded coffee grounds. By collecting and processing these coffee residues, MiCoFe creates an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria that act as valuable
fertilizers. The uniqueness of this idea lies in its waste treatment methodology and the utilization of indigenous microorganisms isolated from diverse regions in Armenia.

The team was assembled and currently operates at the Innovative Center for Microbial Biotechnology and Biofuels, which is based at Yerevan State University. Initial trials and testing of the product were conducted at this center. The team investigated the impact of the biologically active substance on various crops, including cucumber, tomato, and hot pepper, among others, using pure cultures. Subsequently, in the summer of 2021, with the support and facilitation of the ACBA Federation, an opportunity arose to evaluate the substance's effects on cucumbers at the Armberry farm, under real field conditions. As part of their ongoing progress, the team has recently acquired new equipment that will enhance the compost processing procedures.