As part of the ACBA Federation/Impact Hub Yerevan Scholarship Program, the startup named SPITAK MANUSHAK, supported by the ACBA Federation, was granted the opportunity to join the exclusive Impact Hub ecosystem for a year. Additionally, the startup received guidance from
mentors specializing in various fields, including experts from the ACBA Federation, tailored to the specific requirements of the startup's growth and development.

Established in 2017, Revalcon is dedicated to addressing intricate technological obstacles in irrigation practices. As an Armenian agricultural technology brand, the company maintains a global perspective. Revalcon provides END to END solutions. Leveraging LORA technologies,
their system enables control over irrigation through mobile and web applications using IOT (Internet of Things) technology. The service effectively monitors pump and valve operations while gathering field data. Users can optimize irrigation schedules by utilizing weather and humidity data. Moreover, the technology facilitates remote interaction within a range of up to 15 km with minimal energy consumption.

The company conducts thorough site surveys and undertakes design work to ensure the most optimal irrigation solution. Valve control equipment and servers are installed directly in the field, enabling customers to gain access to the control website and application. This process ensures
efficient management of the irrigation system.