The objective is to savor quality leisure moments in rural communities alongside loved ones, gaining invaluable knowledge and new experiences. Under the ACBA Federation-Impact Hub Yerevan Scholarship Program, BerkaZoraHavak startup, supported by the ACBA Federation, has been granted the chance to join the exclusive Impact Hub ecosystem for a year. Additionally, they will benefit from mentorship in diverse areas, including guidance from ACBA FEDERATION experts, tailored to the specific requirements of the startups growth.

BerkaZoraHavak, a novel recreational activity designed for urban residents, takes place in rural communities and farms. Its aim is to provide an enjoyable experience in rural settings, where individuals can spend leisure time with family and friends while acquiring valuable knowledge
and fresh experiences. Furthermore, by assisting farmers in their daily tasks, we actively contribute to community development and the enhancement of quality of life. Harvesting events are currently available in Goght, Aramus, Tsaghkashen, and Mrgashat villages. 

The program encompasses team-building activities involving physical work, educational and entertaining components, and a picnic featuring locally sourced and fresh food. One of the objectives is to popularize rural living as a new urban trend and foster an ecosystem for the sustainable
progress of rural communities. Moreover, a special harvesting event was organized for ACBA Bank employees. On August 21, 2021, the employees visited Mrgashat village in the Armavir region to participate in grape harvesting and spend a day in a farmer's garden. Various rare
grape varieties from around the world were planted on-site. The day was filled with team-building games and competitions.