Cultivating non-traditional plants in a greenhouse

Through the ACBA Federation/Impact Hub Yerevan scholarship program, the Start Up, supported by the ACBA Federation, gained access to the exclusive Impact Hub ecosystem for a year, along with mentorship from professionals in various domains, including ACBA Federation specialists. The focus of "Green Dream" Start Up is agriculture, particularly the cultivation of non-conventional and high-value crops within a greenhouse setting.  Start Up.

In 2018, two friends initiated a business venture. Despite residing in an urban environment, they recognized the potential of available resources and embarked on establishing an economic endeavor within the Sebastia community of Yerevan. Their endeavor involved revitalizing a greenhouse that had been constructed during the Soviet Union Time but had remained abandoned since 2000. Embracing the principles of organic agriculture and advocating against the use of chemicals in farming, they solely employ organic fertilizers and pesticides in their operations. By establishing the farm in Yerevan, their initiative unintentionally sparked the concept of "urban farming" or urban agriculture, which they also aspire to inspire among young individuals living in the city and expressing an interest in agricultural pursuits. Since December 2018, they have established collaboration with the ACBA Federation and Impact Hub, and within this period, they have successfully built connections with significant stakeholders in the industry.

On January 14, 2019, the Start Up was officially incorporated as a limited liability company (LLC), and with the assistance of Impact Hub, the company's logo was also created. At present, the greenhouse cultivates strawberries, stevia, non-traditional varieties of greens such as arugula and green basil, and also nurtures seedlings of the popular pavlovnia tree. The pavlovnia tree seeds were acquired and successfully germinated in the controlled environment of the greenhouse. Through the exploration of international practices, it was discovered that high-quality seedlings can be obtained through this method.

The company has identified two key areas for further development:
1. Collaborating with other organic farms to establish an organic food supply platform.
2. Establishing a Pavlovnia tree nursery to promote the tree species as an alternative solution for various environmental challenges, such as landslides, deforestation prevention, and income generation.
The main objective of these endeavors is to create a sustainable agriculture model and serve as an inspiring example to young individuals interested in pursuing farming.