Through collaborative efforts, the laboratory and its surrounding area underwent renovation and were fully furnished. Additionally, a beer distillation line, along with other essential equipment and tools, was procured to support the operations.

The newly established laboratory will play a vital role in enhancing the practical knowledge and skills of students enrolled at the National Agrarian University of Armenia. Furthermore, it will serve as a training hub for aspiring specialists in the field through a range of comprehensive programs.

The long-standing partnership between the ACBA Federation and the National Agrarian University of Armenia has been remarkable. This collaboration has led us to embark on a new venture together, creating a training laboratory dedicated to brewing and distilling within the university. We firmly believe that this laboratory will play a pivotal role in nurturing skilled professionals in the industry and will serve as a catalyst for the establishment of small-scale productions," expressed Harutyun Poghosyan, General Director of ACBA Federation CJSC.

Expressing gratitude to the ACBA Federation for their visionary leadership and unwavering support, Vardan Urutyan, Rector of the National Agrarian University of Armenia, emphasized the federation's longstanding and trustworthy partnership with the university. He highlighted the ACBA Federation's consistent dedication to the advancement of agrarian education and the cultivation of skilled professionals in the field of agriculture.

ACBA Federation stands out as the primary stakeholder of Acba Bank, holding 83.68% of the bank's shares. Through its active involvement in ACBA Bank, the federation plays a vital role in fostering the growth of agriculture, innovative agricultural practices, small and medium enterprises in rural regions, and communities across Armenia. Moreover, ACBA Federation extends its support to the realization of promising initiatives by young individuals that aim to advance the agricultural sector or uplift rural communities.