With the assistance of ACBA Federation, a state-of-the-art automated robot for planting, watering, sowing, and harvesting was installed in the recently constructed greenhouse of the rural academy in September 2020. The purpose of installing this robot was to provide a hands-on demonstration and experimental platform for educating and introducing students at the rural academy to upcoming advancements in the field. The robot serves as a teaching tool, allowing students to learn and gain practical experience with future agricultural technologies.

On September 24, the inauguration event of the ANAU study and experimental greenhouse was held, graced by the presence of distinguished guests including Artur Martirosyan, the Deputy Minister of ESCS (Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport), Arman Khojoyan, the Deputy Minister of Economy, and Jun Yamada, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Armenia.

The state-of-the-art greenhouse, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, will be utilized by students and professors of the Agrarian University, participants of the "Cultivation and Management of Greenhouse Crops" course offered by the ICARE Foundation, as well as farmers and other stakeholders for educational, research, and training purposes.

CLA Engineering Company, renowned for its expertise in construction, agribusiness, and landscape design, successfully undertook the construction of the greenhouse. Despite being seasoned specialists, they faced various challenges in building a groundbreaking and distinctive greenhouse in the country, all of which were skillfully overcome.

The construction of the greenhouse took place at the location of the university's previously inactive greenhouse, as part of the "Implementation of Educational Greenhouse Transformation (Reconstruction) Works" project, a collaboration with our longstanding partner, the ICARE Foundation. The financial backing for the greenhouse construction was provided by the Embassy of Japan in Armenia, as part of the "Grassroots" Grant Program (GGP) initiated by the Japanese government.

The ACBA Federation provided financial assistance for the acquisition of Farmbot, a robotic system designed to automate various tasks such as planting seedlings, watering plants based on their needs, monitoring soil conditions, and performing digging tasks. Additionally, the greenhouse's technological capabilities were further enhanced thanks to the generous support of Judit Saryan and Victor Zarukyan, a philanthropic couple from Boston with close ties to the university and the ICARE Foundation.

Following the opening remarks by Artur Grigoryan, the head of the Agribusiness Department of the Armenian Academy of Sciences and director of the ICARE Foundation, Artur Martirosyan, Deputy Minister of the ESCS of the Republic of Armenia, delivered a welcoming speech. Deputy Minister Martirosyan highlighted the importance of the collaborative efforts that brought this innovative project to fruition, emphasizing that the new greenhouse represents a significant advancement in dual education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. He expressed gratitude to the Japanese Embassy and other project partners for their support and wished all stakeholders a successful and fruitful educational journey.

Arman Khojoyan, the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia and a graduate of the ANAU Agribusiness Training Center, extended warm congratulations to the attendees and highlighted the significance of students in the agricultural sector gaining practical experience alongside their studies. He emphasized the importance of staying ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing reality to ensure that graduates' knowledge remains relevant in the professional labor market. Deputy Minister Khojoyan commended the Agrarayin innovative greenhouse as a groundbreaking development in the country's agricultural sector. He expressed gratitude to the Embassy of Japan, the visionary behind the initiative, ANAU Rector Vardan Urutyan, ACBA Federation, and the American Armenian benefactors for their contributions to the project.

Subsequently, Artur Grigoryan handed over the floor to Jun Yamada, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Armenia, acknowledging the indispensable support of the embassy in making the greenhouse project a reality. Ambassador Yamada conveyed warm greetings and congratulations on behalf of the Japanese government to all attendees. He highlighted the project's significance in promoting agricultural production and providing practical training opportunities for students and farmers, equipping them with up-to-date knowledge. Mr. Yamada also emphasized the importance of the greenhouse construction in terms of environmental and food safety, as it will educate future specialists on the correct usage of fertilizers and pesticides.

In his address, Vardan Urutyan, the Rector of ANAU, expressed the significance of the eagerly awaited greenhouse as a crucial step towards establishing a student-centric environment. He emphasized that such a modern facility provides extensive opportunities for students to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge. Mr. Urutyan further shared the enthusiastic feedback received from the initial groups of students who have already begun their work in the greenhouse, underscoring it as the greatest validation of this initiative. The Rector also announced that forthcoming opening ceremonies will be held for other new and advanced infrastructures, including laboratories, computer halls, and university open spaces. He extended his gratitude to Ambassador Yamada, emphasizing the investment made by the Japanese government, embassy, and other partners in the future of the university and Armenian youth.

Prior to presenting Ambassador Yamada with a letter of gratitude, as well as "Serund" wine from the Agrarian University and other commemorative gifts, Rector Urutyan extended greetings to the Ambassador and the other Japanese guests in their native language as a gesture of respect and warm hospitality on this momentous occasion.

Expressions of appreciation were conveyed through the presentation of letters of gratitude and commemorative souvenirs. Special words of thanks were also extended to Harutyun Poghosyan, the director of ACBA Federation, and the organization he represents, for their valuable contributions and support.

Following the ceremonial ribbon cutting, the participants, guided by the project's chief consultant Aram Asatryan and chief agronomist Naira Gasparyan, were given a tour of the different sections of the educational experimental greenhouse. They had the opportunity to observe the operations of the Farmbot robot and learn about the unique aspects of cultivating specific crops within the greenhouse's controlled environment. The emphasis was once again placed on the primary role of the greenhouse in serving educational, research, and training purposes