The evaluation committee, consisting of representatives from NABU and ACBA Federation, established and assessed the following criteria:

1. Project relevance
2. Originality and creativity
3. Potential for sustainable project development
4. Environmental impact of the project
5. Contribution to community development
6. Ability to attract tourists
7. Description of the site
8. Program reliability and risks

We encourage applicants whose programs did not advance to the second stage not to be discouraged. Failing to win on one occasion does not indicate flaws or lack of success in your program. Congratulations to the participants who have successfully progressed to the next stage.
However, we would like to remind you that we will be in touch during the second stage, where four winning projects for medium and small grants will be selected. We assure you that the evaluation and program selection process will be conducted with utmost impartiality.The ACBA Federation and the German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in the Republic of Armenia have concluded the evaluation of the jointly announced Grant Tender held in March. The objective of the grant is to support the development of rural tourism in Armenia. Please watch the video for further details.