The visit of the Chairman of the Federation Council M. Harutyunyan and regional managers to the snail farm SUNNY SNAILS, VIPECO and AEON companies.

The possibilities for the growth and development of snail farming in Armenia were presented through the example of SUNNY SNAILS, a snail breeding farm. Founded by Vahe Hakhverdyan, this farm, located in Byurakan community of Aragatsotn marz, stands as the sole operation of its kind in Armenia. Drawing from knowledge and experience acquired in Europe, the farm not only focuses on breeding Helix aspersa Muller and Maxima edible snails but also offers educational opportunities in this unique field. Through the support of the ACBA Federation and the German NABU company, a tasting hall has been established at this farm as part of the rural tourism support program. Visitors have the chance to sample various snail delicacies in this dedicated space.

A visit was arranged to VIPECO, a company located in Voskehat community of Armavir marz, specializing in the production of biological microbes. The visit focused on exploring the potential of organic agriculture and highlighting the company's expertise in this field. The founders of VIPECO, Ara and Garik Hakobyan, provided a detailed presentation on the process of obtaining compost enriched with over 5000 essential microelements for soil and plant health. This compost is derived from a mixture of leaves, branches, biological waste, and household waste using the assistance of microbes. Additionally, the economic benefits of utilizing this compost in vertical potato cultivation and other agricultural applications were introduced. Furthermore, the visit included a presentation on the application of specific microbes that aid livestock breeders in eliminating odors in animal housing, resulting in improved milk quality and enhanced animal and human health.

Mher and Satik Mehrabyan, the founders of AEON company, provided a comprehensive overview of the company's background and its founding objectives. They then proceeded to give a detailed presentation on AEON's innovative system for producing hydroponic green fodder, which comprises a central control device and chambers. This hydroponic method of forage production offers a practical solution for dairy and beef farmers who face limitations in land availability for cultivating sufficient amounts of green fodder. The hydroponically grown forage can be effectively utilized for feeding various domestic animals and birds, including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, as well as chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys.

During the discussion, the potential benefits and collaboration opportunities between AEON company and ACBA Federation, ACBA Bank CJSC, and ACBA Leasing companies were also explored. The meeting resulted in an agreement initiated by ACBA Federation to organize a visit for young livestock farmers who are clients of the bank, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about AEON's operations and technologies.