ACBA Federation and Impact Hub Yerevan startup incubator 2022-2023 program first meeting

The inaugural meeting between ACBA Federation and Impact Hub Yerevan's 2022-2023 startup incubator and the selected startup teams took place on March 4, 2022. The meeting focused on discussing the potential growth opportunities of the selected programs, fostering team introductions, and facilitating networking among the startups. Attendees included Mr. Raphael Sargsyan, Chairman of the Board of ACBA Bank OJSC, Harutyun Poghosyan, General Director of ACBA Federation CJSC, along with other ACBA Federation and Impact Hub Yerevan staff members. Notable industry figures present were Mher Terteryan, the founder of the esteemed Armenian wine company MEYRON, and Ashot Baghdasaryan, the founder of AQUASOURCE. Following the 2022-2023 round, six new startup teams were chosen, with an agricultural focus aiming to contribute to the advancement of rural communities through the involvement of young individuals and innovative approaches.

Since 2018, the ACBA Federation has collaborated with Impact Hub to execute this program, which entails funding a one-year subscription for the selected startup teams at Impact Hub. During this period, the teams receive invaluable mentorship, round-the-clock office access, and access to diverse courses designed to enhance their skills and foster the growth and establishment of their startups as sustainable businesses. Over the course of the program's existence, a total of 33 startup teams have participated, benefiting from this initiative.