Syunik branch of Impact Hub was launched and opened in Goris with the support of ACBA Federation.

"Syunik Impact Hub", a part of the global "Impact Hub" network comprising approximately 100 locations across 65 countries, boasts a membership of 24,000 individuals. This means that innovative business concepts originating and flourishing in "Syunik Impact Hub" will garner worldwide recognition.

For numerous years, the ACBA Federation has provided steadfast support to the Yerevan branch of "Impact Hub," resulting in the successful realization of numerous initiatives geared towards advancing small and medium enterprises in local communities. The ACBA Federation was instrumental in suggesting the expansion of the "Impact Hub" platform to the Syunik region.

"When we initiated the project, we recognized our aspiration to establish a lasting presence by establishing Impact Hub Syunik in this location," stated Gevorg Poghosyan, the executive director of Impact Hub Yerevan. He further expressed gratitude for the support and commitment of ACBA Federation, which assured them of its readiness to provide assistance in the successful launch and operation of Impact Hub Syunik.


"Syunik Impact Hub" offers a unique environment where there are no limitations on industries. Individuals with innovative ideas can connect with experienced professionals, attend lectures, and effectively plan their entrepreneurial endeavors. By providing a platform for concentrated efforts, guidance, and execution, "Syunik Impact Hub" has the potential to significantly inspire and empower the youth of the Syunik region to pursue their initiatives.