White violet is one of the beneficiaries of Acba Federation educational program; thanks to the financing the company received a chance to become a member of Impact Hub ecosystem within one year. Thanks to the program, the social enterprise has passed trainings and received consultation on methods in different spheres. 

In the future the product range will expand; after positioning themselves as a vegetale oil manufacturer they will create essential oils for cosmetic purposes.  

“Why “violet?” Despite being small, violets spread their smell everywhere, and being a small social enterprise, we will have big influence. Our goal is to provide women with work, to empower them economically, to solve their bread problem, and we want our city to become famous. When they say Spitak, everyone remembers the earthquake. We want to add color. We decided to deal with the plants that are known in science and there is a lot of information about them in the literature," says Ashkhen Babayan, the Founder of White Violet social enterprise.”

Now the oils are sold at exhibitions, soon the products will also be sold in pharmacies and beauty centers.

Acba Federation is the only significant participant of Acba Bank with 83.6 percent stake in the bank's shares. Thanks to its participation in Acba Bank, Acba Federation contributes to the development of agriculture, small and medium businesses in rural areas, development of communities, revitalization and development of the business environment in rural areas and communities, and the growth of the well-being of every person carrying out business activities in these areas.