The inaugural session of the

The inaugural session of the "Fundamentals of Innovative Beekeeping" course took place on August 5, 2022, with the backing of the ACBA Federation and HATERK Food Company. This course involved the active participation of beekeeping farms that are clients of the Bank. The most accomplished beekeepers among the Bank's clients from the Lori and Tavush regions were present for the course.

Harutyun Poghosyan, the General Director of ACBA FEDERATION CJSC, delivered the opening speech, introducing the trainers and providing insights into innovative beekeeping. Following the introductions, participants briefly shared information about their respective farms and expressed their expectations for the course. The agenda proceeded with Vladimir Hovsepyan, the representative of Haterk Food, presenting an in-depth discussion on the characteristics and future potential of beekeeping in Armenia, addressing the current challenges faced by beekeepers, and highlighting the opportunities available for Armenian honey in the global market.

An interactive workshop took place, focusing on an inventive beehive as a practical demonstration. Vladimir Hovsepyan, the representative of Haterk Food, provided a thorough explanation of the benefits associated with this particular beehive structure, highlighting its positive impact on sustainable bee colony development and increased food production. The session also covered the most effective techniques in pedigree beekeeping, maternal composition, and the growth of bee colonies.

As a cutting-edge aspect within the realm of beekeeping, the workshop also presented insights into the feasibility and effectiveness of producing monofloral honey. The trainers shared their experiences and provided attendees with compelling justifications for establishing production and sales channels specifically for this type of honey, using melilotus as an illustrative example.

Furthermore, the discussion touched upon the importance of engaging in marketing activities to enhance the effectiveness of honey sales. Additionally, there was extensive emphasis on the prospects of honey export, particularly to Arab countries, underscoring the necessity for collaboration among beekeepers in order to capitalize on these opportunities.