AKBA Federation and KANACH ARAHET NGO Green training Center first course for farms

ACBA Federation, in collaboration with KANACH ARAHET NGO, facilitated the inaugural training program on high-value crop cultivation at the Dzoraghbyur Green Training Center on May 14 and 15, 2022. This initiative was specifically designed for young farmers who are clients of the Bank, and its execution was made possible through the support of ACBA Federation. The organization places significant emphasis on consistently organizing educational events to foster the development and knowledge of young farmers.

Over the course of two full days, the participating farmers were introduced to sustainable practices for cultivating high-value crops, along with the utilization of organic and safe control technologies. They were provided with detailed and effective techniques for land preparation, sowing, vegetation care, harvesting, and post-harvest operations. The training sessions facilitated an exchange of experiences among the farmers, and engaging team games were organized to enhance the learning experience. At the conclusion of the training, the farmers expressed their appreciation for the well-organized program, and fruitful discussions took place among them regarding potential future collaborations.

The training program was specifically designed for customers from the Kotayk region and will be an ongoing initiative. It is recommended to arrange similar courses for clients from other regions to ensure widespread participation and benefit.