1. Tender submission deadline: September 15, 2022, 18:00 Yerevan time

Client: ACBA FEDERATION CJSC,,, Linkedin

Engineer: Yet to be determined


Project site: Yerevan, Armenia

ACBA Federation (referred to as the "Employer") is inviting eligible bidders to submit

sealed bids for the construction works of the ACBA group of companies' headquarters

(referred to as the "Works").

Project details:

Source of funding: Private funds from ACBA Federation, the main owner of ACBA Bank


Location: Tsovakal Isakov Ave., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Site area: 2.6 hectares

Total construction area: >10,000 square meters

Number of floors: 7

Expected contract signing period: October 1, 2022

Project completion timeframe: 18-30 months

Estimated budget: Not specified

Contract form: FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book), Second

Edition 2017

Minimum eligibility requirements

Average annual construction turnover

The Bidder (or its members, in the case of a joint venture) must demonstrate a minimum average annual construction turnover of at least US15,000,000 (fifteen million US dollars). This should be calculated based on the total payments received for ongoing or completed contracts over the past five years, as certified by relevant documentation.


Construction work experience

The Bidder (or its members, in the case of a joint venture) should demonstrate participation as a contractor, joint venture partner, or subcontractor in at least 2 (two) contracts that have been successfully or substantially completed within the past 5 (five) years. These contracts should be similar in size and nature to the proposed work, with the Bidder's participation exceeding US$25,000,000 (twenty-five million US dollars). If the Applicant is a Joint Venture, all members collectively must meet this requirement.

Additionally, the Bidder (or at least one member of a Joint Venture) should have participated as a contractor or Joint Venture partner in at least 1 (one) contract based on FIDIC contract terms that has been successfully or substantially completed within the past 5 (five) years.

Construction experience in core activities

The Bidder should have participated as a contractor in at least 1 (one) contract within the past 7 (seven) years that involves the construction of an atrium or the construction of metal structures using similar methods. This contract should have been successfully or substantially completed. If the Bidder is a Joint Venture, at least 1 (one) member of the Joint Venture must meet this requirement.

4. Tender guarantee

A bank guarantee should be provided in the form of a tender guarantee. The tender guarantee should be submitted along with the tender. The amount of the tender guarantee should be US 600,000 (six hundred thousand US dollars).

5. The bidding process will be open and competitive, without prequalification, with one phase and one envelope, and it will be open to all eligible participants as outlined in the Tender Package.
6. To obtain further information and to receive the Tender Package at no cost, interested bidders are advised to get in touch with the designated Tender Consultant

Technocrat Legal LLC, represented by senior partner Mr. Karen Arustamyan.



Please note that the Contractor cannot guarantee the completeness of the Tender Package and its accompanying supplements unless they have been obtained directly from the designated Tender Consultant.

7. The bids should be submitted to the following address:

Recipient: Mr. Harutyun Poghosyan

Location: Yerevan, Armenia, 0009, Arami 82-84

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2022, by 18:00 Yerevan time.
8. The opening of bids will take place promptly after the deadline for bid submission, in the presence of representatives from the participating parties.
9. To acquire the tender package, interested parties are required to contact the Tender Consultant of the Employer at the provided address. Participants assume the risk of being unaware of any updates or additions to the tender package if obtained from alternative sources.