At the festival, ACBA Federation resented its activities, along with the offerings of ACBA Bank and various partner companies cooperating with ACBA Federation.

The festival serves as a valuable platform for intriguing initiatives, and through its sponsorship, ACBA Federation creates an opportunity for young farmers to present their products.

"The purpose of our sponsorship for this event was to facilitate young farmers in presenting their products. We believe that there should be numerous similar events, and our primary message is that modern agriculture thrives on innovation. Additionally, we emphasize the significance of involving young people in the field of agriculture. Alongside the German environmental company NABU, we have a shared booth at this festival, where we present our exemplary models of rural tourism. Additionally, we introduce our Koriz application, which empowers farmers to sell their products," stated Harutyun Poghosyan, the General Director of ACBA Federation.